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uk flavour association

Member of the European Flavour Association.

Member of Independent British Vape Trade Association

Sedex Member.

Campden BRI.

State of the art.

We utilise state of the art equipment in our Research Laboratory for both chemical analysis and flavour development.

Our Applications laboratory allows our partners to work with us on site in a creative environment to develop their product solutions together and instantly address challenges such as taste, aroma, consistency, mouth feel, and shelf-life in real time.

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Conformance and Compliance.

In house GCMS analytical equipment enables accurate analysis of flavour components as well as nicotine dilutions thereby ensuring true integrity, conformance to specification, consistency and compliance with all regulatory legislation.

Manufacturing includes GMP standard dedicated facilities for flavour production and segregated nicotine handling, with full barcode traceability on all ingredients and finished goods. Experienced and dedicated operator staff. Clean room environment. Exacting handling & operating standards for extraction and calibration.